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Shipping Orders

Automated and Simplified Solution for North China Exporters

With INTTRA Shipping Orders (SO), exporters in North China can quickly create and send shipping documentation to over 50 of the world’s leading carriers. 

Designed to simplify China’s unique shipping procedures, INTTRA Shipping Orders automates each step of the documentation process. We help users meet customs requirements and catch errors before sending requests to multiple carriers. 

Join 30,000 customers

who have experienced the benefits of INTTRA SO.

INTTRA’s specialized North China Shipping Order process provides support for additional information. Once received, an order can be sent to Cargo Agents and a PDF is created to support the Ten Ply form. 

INTTRA SO provides a simple, reliable way to manage high-volume shipments so you can focus on growing your business.

One company saved 80 hours a week with INTTRA Shipping Orders

They experienced a 10 percent volume increase of about 50,000 more containers in one year. The company gained a total revenue increase of $300,000 in one office alone. 
Feature/Channel INTTRa Manual Carriers Others
Integrate directly with your in-house system X X
All documents across carriers available online for review and status, regardless of submission method X
Auto Complete/Suggest field population HS Code lookup X X
Conversion from standard.xls template to INTTRA EDI X
Automatically generated PDF image of the SO ten-ply form (TPF) X
Shipment details delivered to carriers and Cargo Agents in one standardized electronic format X X
Full and Less-than-container-load support Master and House Bills level information capabilities X X
Access to Ocean Carriers and NVOCCs. Participating ocean carriers represent 90 percent of global capacity. X
Available 24 hours a day X X X


  • Ensure Compliance: Facilitates compliance with key country customs container security regulations.
  • Work Less: Minimize labor, re-work, and decrease turn-around time in the documentation process.
  • Automate: Automatically send copies of SOs to select trading partners and receive instant confirmations from carriers. 
  • Manage High Volume With Ease: Generate shipment details 50 percent faster on INTTRA (compared to manual). Increase efficiency by re-using drafts and templates.