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Shipping Instructions

Send error-free, compliant shipping instructions to over 50 carriers

INTTRA provides a simple, streamlined Shipping Instructions (SI) application, designed to help you avoid costly fines and delays frequently associated with non-compliant documentation.

Simple, Streamlined Process

Nearly 30,000 companies worldwide use INTTRA’s marketplace tools to simplify their SI process.

With one connection to INTTRA, customers gain 24/7 access to an online tool that speeds up the documentation process and helps your business submit accurate, compliant Shipping Instructions with ease to over 50 carriers.


  • Single process for submitting and amending Shipping Instructions, in multiple languages.
  • Re-use and edit existing booking data to create new Shipping Instructions.
  • Automatic SI receipt acknowledgements from carriers. 24/7 access to your Shipping Instructions with the ability to track, audit and amend.
  • Support available for hazardous cargo, split goods, multi-level packaging and other container specifics.
  • Input and delivery of a single set of Shipping Instructions applicable to multiple containers and commodities.
  • Formatting of Shipping Instructions into a Bill of Lading layout for ease of viewing.
  • Compliance with Customs and Carrier data across the globe.

Choose your submission method

Choose Your Submission

Feature/Channel INTTRA Manual Carriers Others
Available 24/7 X X X X
Access to Ocean Carriers and NVOCCs representing 90 percent of global capacity X
Full and Less-than-container-load support Master and House Bills level information capabilities X X
Templates, Drafts, Re-Use of previous SIs and bookings X X
Conversion from standard.xls template to INTTRA EDI X X
Auto Complete/Suggest field population HS Code lookup X X
All documents across carriers available for review and status online, regardless of submission method X
All SIs delivered to carriers in a standardized electronic format X X
Integrate directly with your in-house system X X
Low cost alternative if you don’t have an in-house system X X X X