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Ocean Schedules

Your direct access to the largest selection of shipping schedules with over 35 of the world's leading Ocean Carriers.

With inttra Ocean Schedules, customers gain access to the most extensive selection of ocean carriers in one platform. inttra Ocean Schedules provides 12 million ocean schedules from the largest network of leading carriers. Save time and money by using our single integrated platform to search for sailings, identify a voyage, and book your shipping directly for a fully integrated experience


inttra ensures precision and completeness in your shipment planning.


  • Over 12 million schedules and 250,000 location pairs available for search
  • Booking is just one click away with direct integration to INTTRA Booking
  • Search capabilities by port of load, port of delivery, voyage number and vessel name
  • Various filters to personalize search results for your convenience
  • Accessibility through various channels that suits your business

Channels: Your Options to Connect

Ocean Schedules are available through different channels and at different price levels based on your specific business requirements. 

On-line Portal

Easy and convenient access to INTTRA portal provides full search capabilities and additional features such as personalized page and search history.

EDI Data feed

Ocean Schedules are delivered to you via secured EDI protocol and accessed by your customized API. This gives you an opportunity for personalization and custom data analytics.

Web Service Application

With INTTRA Web Service, your company will have an access to the OS data without spending resources on storage or data processing. The most comprehensive Ocean Schedules data is available to you via simple WS API