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Inttra now offers an eVGM solution that enables customers to seamlessly comply with SOLAS VGM.

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  2. Once logged into the portal, click on the banner graphic at the top of the portal page in order to access the eVGM form.
  3. Complete the eVGM form with agreements to terms and conditions.
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The July 1, 2016

amendment to Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) regulation requires shippers to provide carriers with a verified gross mass (VGM) for each container before the stowage plan is submitted.

inttra’s eVGM for SHIPPERS

  • Features a SaaS web application submission providing simple work-flow based data entry forms. The data flows into an eVGM repository, accessible to Carriers and third parties such as Weight Station Providers and Terminals.
  • EDI inbound submission as VERMAS, or via Shipping Instructions (IFTMIN) EDI messages, and/or XML equivalents.
  • Access through multiple channels (web online, mobile, EDI or web service) delivering VERMAS EDI messaging directly to subscribed Ocean Carriers.
  • Supporting multiple weighing scenarios and submission use cases, including third party authorization and submission.
  • Use of INTTRA's eVGM application does not require Booking or Shipping Instructions to be submitted via INTTRA.