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Fast and accurate invoice processing and dispute management

INTTRA provides a simple, automated electronic tool to manage the invoicing process. Users benefit from a single, automatic connection to all customers within the INTTRA eInvoice network.

how it works

  • Invoice receipts and entry
  • Invoice auditing and approvals
  • Dispute management

Logistics Providers and their ocean carriers can benefit from standardizing the process, improving visibility to their cash liabilities and providing a more transparent invoicing process saving time and resources .

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INTTRA has the unique ability to automate each of these stages. As we receive your accruals and the carrier’s invoice, data is matched to align accuracy with a Bill of Lading and/or booking reference. We offer customized field alignments with line items based on your rules in order to detect possible discrepancies, significantly reducing manual intervention in dispute management.

The eInvoice network captures and manages disputes, using detailed reason codes to identify the nature of a dispute quickly with faster resolution capabilities. INTTRA eInvoice helps remove the manual hassle from the invoicing process, and enables your business to achieve maximum volume for optimal ROI.


  • Automatic, online invoice creation and delivery, avoiding inherent risks involved with manual input.
  • Collaborative dispute resolution tool ensuring efficient conflict management.
  • Easy accessibility 24/7 online.
  • Integration with legacy systems.