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INTTRA Track & Trace™

The world's leading container tracking tool

INTTRA Track & Trace (T&T) enables freight forwarders, NVOCCs and shippers to track the locations of their shipments instantly. On average, it takes anywhere from 6 to 81 days to ship a container overseas and deliver it to its destination. Multiple factors can impact delivery, from port handling to customs clearance.

An easy-to-use tracking solution

is critical for managing customer expectations.

Why INTTRA Track & Trace

With INTTRA T&T, you can access all carrier-provided updates –vessel load status, departure and arrival information for all your shipments across 50+ leading carriers and NVOCCs.

Our one-click search tool allows you to locate shipments by container number, carrier booking number, bill of lading reference number, purchase order number, or INTTRA reference number.

Our advanced tracking tool enables you to search containers by date range, latest location, carrier, trading partner, latest status event, vessel or voyage.

How One-Click Tracking Works

  1. Log onto INTTRA or use your personalized API.
  2. Insert Booking, Container or Reference Number, Carrier or Date Range.
  3. View Your Shipment Status.

INTTRA T&T data is refreshed constantly to provide you with the latest, most accurate status of your shipments.


  • Peace of Mind – Tracking your shipments enables you to act quickly if there are issues.
  • Satisfied Customers – You can keep customers notified of all status events and immediately address them.
  • Reduced Costs and Labor – Simplifying the shipment management process on one platform saves your business time and money.


  • Unlimited searches and data. 
  • Available through online portal or EDI data feed.
  • Customized data – see only the data you want to receive.
  • Confidentiality – T&T users must be a coded party on the Booking Request or B/L.
  • Timely customer notification INTTRA T&T allows for multiple parties to receive status events.
  • 24/7 customer support in 7 languages.
  • Easy access through the INTTRA portal when you request bookings or enter shipping instructions through INTTRA.