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Technical expertise to implement your solution more quickly.

INTTRA has a successful 12-year track record of connecting over 110,000 shippers and 50+ carriers and NVOCCs, as well as integrating with over 100 TMS and other software systems provided by our partners, utilizing INTTRA’s in house, regional-based technical professionals, the industry leading logistics EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) experts.

System-to-System Experts

Our system-to-system connectivity specialists are experts in EDIFACT, ANSI and XML EDI standards. They facilitate system-to-system connectivity through INTTRA’s high-speed, seven step EDI implementation methodology, adding new trading partners to INTTRA’s portal every day.


  • Increased Global Coverage without Increasing your Staff
  • Technical Expertise & Leadership
  • Visibility into your integration pipeline
  • Discover new integration opportunities
  • Drive customer service and satisfaction


  • Industry experts to work locally with your customers
  • Technical teams that conduct system and business analysis
  • Integration requirements that are defined by industry experts
  • Language expertise to facilitate discussions with your customers in their language
  • Over 4,000 new connections annually
  • More than 20,000 global customers

INTTRA users manage all their shipments from one platform making it easier to accomplish day-to-day business, better serve customers, and accelerate growth.