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INTTRA Technology Summit 2017

Ocean Shipping Technology Trends and Blueprint for 2032
| Tuesday, May 23, 2017

inttra held the Technology Summit 2017 in Hamburg, Germany on May 23, 2017. The event hosted 150 senior members of the industry to discuss technology digitization trends and inttra's Blueprint for 2032 -- the Next 15 Years of Innovation (download it here).

One of inttra's core values is to sharing opinions and ideas from diverse perspectives and experiences. Through inclusive sharing within the industry, we collaborate with our customers and partners towards innovation within the industry. The Technology Summit was a perfect forum where we brought together top supply chain executives and some of the industry's best thought leaders to discuss current trends in logistics technology such as predictive analytics that address decision making and delivery, efficiently managing documentation by using trade finance technology, tracking container inland movement to address space utilization and port congestion, and other key topics along with inttra's vision for the future.

Furthermore, the discussion focused on a new whitepaper – Blueprint 2032: How Technology Transforms Ocean Container Shipping. inttra, the ocean container shipping industry’s largest neutral electronic transaction platform, reported that the pace of technology innovation is accelerating as businesses seek new and more efficient ways to optimize.

“Digitization is now a competitive necessity,” says John Fay, CEO of inttra. “We’ve reached a tipping point in the global shipping industry when information technology is now the primary means for CEOs and their companies to achieve and increase long-term profitability.  We are enabling shippers to rethink processes, and to digitize their operations through our unique position as a neutral service provider.”