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Maersk operations returning close to normal again - Now processing automatic booking confirmations

As a follow up to our previous announcement regarding inttra sending automatic booking confirmations on behalf of Maersk, we are pleased to inform all Maersk customers that Maersk Group IT systems are now processing booking confirmations automatically.  inttra customers should be receiving normal booking confirmations directly from Maersk at this time and will no longer be receiving automatic confirmations from inttra on behalf of Maersk.  

Please note for newly registered inttra customers with pending mapping requests to Maersk, there will continue to be a delay due to the backlog created during the recovery period. We also would like to remind Maersk customers that booked through inttra, to utilize inttra's track and trace functionality along with the eVGM dashboard to track the status of your latest Maersk shipments and eVGM submissions. 

On behalf of Maersk and inttra, we thank you for continued patronage and greatly appreciate your patience throughout the entire process. Please contact the inttra customer service team should you have any additional questions or need assistance with your current bookings.