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What We Do

inttra is the largest neutral electronic transaction platform, software and information provider at the center of the ocean shipping industry. inttra's innovative products, combined with the scale of our network, empower our customers to trade with multiple parties and leverage ocean industry information to improve their business. Connecting over 225,000 shipping professionals with more than 50 leading Carriers and 120 plus software alliance partners, inttra streamlines the ocean trade process. Over 700,000 container orders are initiated on the inttra platform each week, representing more than one quarter of global ocean container trade.

INTTRA’s Network

More than one-quarter of the world’s ocean container traffic — over 700,000 containers per week — originates through inttra’s network

INTTRA’s Superior Customer Experience

We provide a superior customer experience with user-friendly products and a deep commitment to customer care. INTTRA offers the ability to search ocean schedules, book and track containers, submit shipping instructions and VGMs electronically, and much more. With our Decision Support Dashboards, our customers can use historical data in order to leverage business insight. As an industry leader, we are dedicated to providing our customers with new and improved ways to help grow and expand their business.